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Tools Included in your POLITICO Pro Subscription

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With any POLITICO Pro subscription, Pros get access to a suite of tools designed to help them succeed. These tools are designed to complement Pro’s news and policy coverage reported on by over 100 journalists, dedicated to exclusive policy reporting for Pro. (Learn more about our premium add-on tools DataPoint and Legislative Compass.)

Use Pro’s policy tools to track what’s happening on the the Hill, dive deeper into policy topics, and identify and interact with key policy influencers.

  1. Document Drawer: Original Documents Impacting Policy

    Document Drawer is home to thousands of original documents, giving you quick and easy access to materials impacting policy - such as Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports, Congressional Hearing Transcripts and more. Document Drawer is updated in real-time, and is searchable by keyword, region, topic, document type and more.

    Document Drawer view in new pro experience

  2. Congressional Directory: Capitol Hill in the Palm of Your Hand

    Connect with the right stakeholders at the right time by using  Congressional Directory. Updated daily, Congressional Directory gives you access to a complete directory of all Congressional members, their staff and key information like job titles, employment and education histories and specific issue areas covered by each staffer.

    The directory is also available through Pro’s mobile app, so you can get the information you need, anytime, anywhere. Prep for meetings, find and contact stakeholders, search and save lists, and save time with Congressional Directory.

  3. Pro Calendar: Your Policy Event Guide

    Pro Calendar brings all major policy events, meetings, hearings and conferences together in one location, so you can stay on top of key events and plan ahead. With a Pro account you can also submit your own events to the calendar to alert other Pros, as well as export events, so you can keep your schedule organized in one place.

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