Stakeholder engagement for policy success

A comprehensive stakeholder engagement plan enables policy professionals to keep stakeholders informed, establish trust with decision makers, identify and address risks, coordinate the team, and measure efforts. During a fast-moving midterm elections season, you need tools and policy insights to build relationships with vital contacts—at vital times.

What is stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is the activity of maintaining good relationships with people who have the most impact on your work. Stakeholder engagement involves a systematic process for identifying stakeholders, analyzing their needs, and planning and implementing various outreach activities. When properly implemented, it keeps stakeholders “on board” and gains their buy-ins.

Stakeholders engagement in government relations

The goal of stakeholder engagement in government relations is to humanize the relationships between an organization and policymakers. Many government relations professionals work at the intersection of public policy and public affairs. You are in cross-functional roles focused on grasping and translating complex policy issues and executing multi-dimensional communication plans to support business objectives.

Reasons for having a stakeholder engagement strategy

  • Stay abreast of critical issues and stakeholder sentiments
  • Strengthen the organization’s position and optimize positive outcomes
  • Build social capital
  • Increase the organization’s credibility
  • Mitigate risks

Stakeholders in government relations include:

  • Elected and unelected federal officials
  • State and local lawmakers and regulators
  • Foreign governments
  • Media

How is stakeholder engagement different from grassroots advocacy

Both grassroots lobbying and stakeholder engagement aim to influence public policy. However, they reach their goals through two different communication strategies.

Stakeholder engagement is a form of direct advocacy. It is the attempt to influence any new or existing legislation by communicating with members of Congress, state agencies, or any government officials who may participate in the formulation of laws and rules.

On the other hand, grassroots lobbying attempts to sway public opinion and mobilize the public around legislation. Grassroots campaigns ask the general public or a segment of the public to contact their lawmakers regarding a legislative issue.

What is Pro’s Stakeholder Management

In-house government affairs professionals and lobbyists need tools to find the right lawmakers and foster relationships to champion top policy priorities during the 2022 midterm elections. Pro’s new Stakeholder Management is a suite of features that provides policy professionals the outreach, team collaboration, interaction tracking, and analytics tools they need to execute their stakeholder engagement strategies seamlessly.

What are the key Stakeholder Management functionalities

Pro’s Stakeholder Management is fully integrated with the broader Pro platform. Soon Pro subscribers not only have access to exclusive non-partisan news, real-time intelligence, in-depth analysis, bill tracking, and research tools, they also will have the ability to

  • Email from platform
    Create, schedule, and send emails right from the platform. Search for contacts in Pro’s Directories, pull contact lists from existing Project folders, or upload external lists to Pro. Monitor email performance using analytics
  • Track interactions
    Track engagement with lawmakers, legislators, and staffers by logging interactions, including meetings, emails, notes, meeting scores, and events.
  • Evaluate engagements
    Gain insight from analyzing top performing emails, top attendees, and activity charts and comparing team versus individual dashboard views.
  • Collaborate with team members
    Save time and stay coordinated by recording interactions, sharing notes, setting priorities, and assigning follow ups through one dashboard for the entire team.

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