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What is POLITICO Pro

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One meeting, one line of legislation or one leadership change can have a big impact on policy. POLITICO Pro is a customizable policy intelligence platform for professionals on the front lines of policy. Our mission is simple - help policy professionals succeed. The Pro platform gives you access to exclusive reporting, analysis and tools to arm you with the intel you need to make informed decisions, so you can stay one step ahead.



  1. Why do policy pros choose us?
  2. What's included in a Pro subscription?
  3. How much does Pro cost?
  4. Who uses POLITICO Pro?


27,000 policy professionals choose Pro. Here’s why.

  • Be the first to know: Timing is everything. Our Pro reporting team - made up of over 100 policy-specific journalists dedicated to exclusive reporting for Pro - works relentlessly to deliver you important policy news as soon as it breaks.
    Read more about how we deliver policy intel.

  • Save time: Your time is invaluable. Instead of searching multiple platforms for the information you need, Pro brings together critical policy news, information and tools all in one place.

  • Flexible & customizable: Customize your Pro account by signing up for the policy topics you're interested in, so you receive only the information you need, when you need it, through the channels you prefer.
    Learn more about how to customize how your coverage is delivered.

  • Access to reporters: One of our greatest assets is our reporting team. With a Pro subscription, you have the ability to follow up with journalists reporting on your policy topics.

What’s included in a POLITICO Pro subscription?

Every Pro account is tailored to the needs of the subscriber’s organization. Here’s how we work with you to build a customized plan that meets your organization’s needs.

  1. Federal Policy Topic and/or Location Coverage
    Pro coverage spans 16 policy areas, four states, Canada and Europe. Every Pro subscription begins with at least one policy area and/or coverage location (states, Canada, Europe). A Pro subscription grants you access to all news coverage for that area. Learn more about how Pro delivers expert intel

  2. Standard Tools
    As part of every Pro subscription, you get access to Pro tools including Congressional, Agency and States Directories, Document Drawer and the Pro Calendar.

  3. Premium Tools
    POLITICO Pro also offers premium tools that can help you dig deeper into policy.

    • DataPoint: Pro’s visual policy intelligence tool translates complex policy topics into compelling, customizable visuals and enables Pros to tell more powerful stories.

    • Legislative Compass: Pro’s powerful legislative tracking tool that helps you quickly and easily track state and federal legislation. Learn more about DataPoint and Legislative Compass.

How much does POLITICO Pro cost?

Our pricing model enables teams from a wide range of organizations and industries to build a subscription that fits their organizations' needs, size, and budget. Price depends on a number of factors, which we break down for you, but it starts in the mid-four-figure range

Read more about what impacts the price of POLITICO Pro here

Who uses POLITICO Pro?

POLITICO Pro serves organizations of all types and sizes across various industry areas. If federal or state policy affects how you do business, you can count on POLITICO Pro to get you the right information at the right time, so you can act quickly and with confidence. Learn more about the types of organizations and roles that benefit from Pro.

Ready to learn how a Pro subscription can keep your team one step ahead? Request a demo and a member of our team will be in touch soon.

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