In the complex and dynamic arena of public policy, driving meaningful change requires a mix of strategic planning and the right advocacy tools. Not only must today’s lobbyists and political consultants stay up to date on the latest news and reporting across legislative developments, but they also need to manage a diverse array of stakeholders as they build relationships and fine-tune their engagement efforts.

Without a reliable source of empowering tools and non-partisan news to help them understand, track, and craft a winning strategy, government relations professionals face countless difficulties in their advocacy efforts. So, what’s the solution?

POLITICO Pro delivers everything you need to influence public policy and build and maintain a strong relationship with stakeholders — from comprehensive, non-partisan coverage across 22 major policy areas, to bill tracking and stakeholder management features that help you leverage deep insight and connections to support your cause. Combined with a strategic approach to advocate for campaigns, Pro can help propel public affairs efforts, providing you with the inside scoop as it unfolds.

To help you make the most of our Pro platform, let’s look at what it takes to develop a successful advocacy strategy.

Crucial Elements of a Successful Advocacy Plan

No matter what your policy goal is, it’s easy to lose sight of the objective without a clear plan in place. But what exactly does an advocacy plan entail?

Here are six tactics to help you tackle your advocacy efforts:

1. Establish a Clear Objective

Advocacy work can often be like a loose thread — the more you pull, the more the initial problem unravels into other issues. That’s why it’s essential to start with a clear policy objective from the get-go. Whether you plan to forge a stronger relationship with legislators or advise clients on how to shape messaging on key issues, the end goal must be clear and concise.

POLITICO Pro enables government affairs professionals and political consultants to develop these goals by providing them with in-depth policy analysis on the key issues relevant to them. Leveraging our platform, they can anticipate legislative and regulatory changes and advocate for policy changes to help their organizations operate more successfully.

2. Identify, Track and Engage with Stakeholders

The next step in advocacy planning is to determine the key stakeholders, from legislators and other elected officials to regulators and staff members. Understanding this narrow audience selection and what drives them will be vital in developing a strong base of allies who can help effect change.

With tools like our Directories and Stakeholder Analysis, the Pro platform provides a comprehensive understanding of political affiliations, legislative priorities, analysis, and more, enabling lobbyists and political consultants to map out and pinpoint the most receptive audience for their advocacy campaigns.

3. Research and Gather Data

In addition to researching your target audience, developing an advocacy campaign will require comprehensive insight into relevant legislative changes. Government relations professionals will need a thorough understanding of the topic from all perspectives, including historical context, remarks from members of Congress, and real-time analysis.

POLITICO Pro empowers lobbyists, consultants and other professionals to dive deep into the legislative landscape through various tools — from Legislative Compass and Dialogue Tracking to premium features like DataPoint and Pro Bill Analysis. Track policy trends as they emerge with comprehensive data from a single platform, so you can anticipate and act upon changes that will impact your policy goals.

4. Network and Build Support

All the research and information in the world won’t enact change in and of itself. Instead, those in government relations must emphasize the relations part of the job. Finding common ground with policy influencers has the power to truly advance your advocacy work, and Pro is here to help.

The Stakeholder Management and Analysis features provide a comprehensive suite of tools to help you connect with policymakers, track outreach and engagement, and strategically expand your network. At the same time, collaboration tools allow you to work in tandem with your team to achieve your policy goals.

5. Measure Engagement and Adjust Your Approach

As your advocacy campaign progresses, it will be critical to track engagement to refine your advocacy strategy. POLITICO Pro’s Stakeholder Management tool offers detailed reporting on interactions with policymakers and offices, including email metrics for all communications sent through the platform. This allows for a clear understanding of your impact and engagement levels to help you adjust your approach based on concrete data.

At the same time, Pro’s Stakeholder Analysis feature provides an easy and convenient way to map out the most relevant congressional stakeholders for your advocacy efforts, ensuring your campaign is targeted and strategic.

6. Stay Organized and Up-to-Date on Policy Changes

So much can happen throughout an advocacy campaign that it can be hard to keep up with what’s important. Staying informed on the latest policy shifts is essential, and Pro is your ultimate ally.

Not only does Pro deliver real-time, comprehensive, non-partisan coverage of the latest policy insights and analyses, but you also get tailored alerts to monitor only what’s relevant. With a user-friendly interface, Pro enables easy access to pertinent news and information, empowering you to stay organized and on top of emerging stories as you adapt your strategy.

Additionally, Pro’s Projects feature helps your team stay organized and work efficiently together, allowing you to access all your content in one place to keep your team aligned as you work toward your policy goals.

Power Your Advocacy Strategies With POLITICO Pro

POLITICO Pro delivers a competitive advantage for government relations professionals seeking to drive impactful policy changes. From real-time analysis and insights across 22 policy areas to powerful tools for stakeholder management, collaboration, bill tracking, and more, Pro has everything you need to shape the future you’d like to see.

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POLITICO Pro is constantly looking to bring policy professionals the resources they need to identify a network of influencers, find Congressional champions and engage stakeholders on key issues. To help professionals in these areas, Pro recently launched its new Stakeholder Analysis feature for Premium subscribers.

Pro’s first Premium feature, Stakeholder Analysis, is an integral component of the Stakeholder Management solution suite. The new tool lets users identify a network of policy champions in Congress who are actively engaged with key issues, execute strategic stakeholder management, and outreach more efficiently.

Here’s a quick look at the details of the Stakeholder Analysis tool and how it can help policy professionals with engagement strategies.

What is Stakeholder Analysis and how does it work?

Stakeholder Analysis is a Premium feature integrated with Pro’s Stakeholder Management solutions suite. It helps users to strategically identify, track and engage with Congressional influencers that are most active on the issues important to them. Stakeholder Analysis allows users to identify and map a network of policy companions using a unique scoring system that takes into account members’ engagement on key policy issues.

With Stakeholder Analysis, policy professionals gain critical insight for stakeholder management analysis and decision-making. When used alongside other Pro features in the comprehensive Stakeholder Management suite, Stakeholder Analysis can help Premium users succeed in their stakeholder engagement and issues management goals. Users can strategically find more allies in Congress, identify and map stakeholders and enable the relationships needed for policy success.

Cutting-edge functionality enables pinpoint ability on engaged stakeholders

The core of Stakeholder Analysis has innovative functionality that allows users to identify, track and manage stakeholders more quickly and accurately.

With Stakeholder Analysis, policy professionals can easily search for topics of interest and see which members of Congress are most engaged and active on those issues. Useful for stakeholder research and evaluation, this data is further classified by POLITICO Pro’s proprietary “Activity Score” feature, which details how active members of Congress are on that topic.

The three main components that determine an Activity Score are:

  • Effectiveness: Tracks the progress of legislation sponsored or cosponsored by a member of Congress related to the issue, such as milestones like passing the House of Representatives or Senate, presidential approval and becoming law
  • Volume: Quantifies a Congress member’s engagement with the issue by counting the number of related bills they’ve participated in, such as sponsoring or cosponsoring them
  • Attention: Measures how much of the Congress member’s attention is focused on that issue compared to others

In addition, users can view “Deep Dive Pages” on a Congressional member’s engagement with a particular topic. These pages will offer further insights and data, including how their Activity Score has changed over time, the members with the highest Activity Scores for certain issues, roll call votes and more.

Finally, users can create and manage “Champion Groups” of members that can categorize them as a “promoter”, “neutral”, or “detractor” on the key issues they’re tracking. This allows for simplified and more effective outreach to allies and stakeholder mapping.

Optimize your outreach and stakeholder management strategy

Stakeholder Analysis, combined with other tools in the Stakeholder Management solutions suite, offers a much simpler, faster and more effective way to identify Congressional influencers and achieve policy goals. Policy professionals looking to optimize their stakeholder outreach and issues management strategy can easily leverage it with other Pro tools to find and engage the Congressional policy champions they need to influence positive change.

Want to see more from POLITICO Pro? Visit the features section for an overview of how POLITICO Pro is your all-inclusive policy platform or request a demo today.

Any type of consultant role affiliated with politics, including campaign strategists, public relation managers, and crisis management specialists embodies a multi-step process that stretches beyond identifying a problem and finding the means to amend it. With the right tools, political consultants can bridge the gap between problem and solution and build out everything in between in order to set the client up for success. Throughout the entirety of it, a consultant’s ability to build trust and create a long-lasting positive impact for the client comes down to a variety of skills and one platform.

Skills for a Consultant’s Success:

  • Analytical skills to identify arising issues and their impact for the client.
  • Problem solving skills to provide solutions to emerging challenges.
  • Leadership skills to step forward and create opportunities for change, including talking with Congress and committee members, and pitching client’s perspectives to decision makers.
  • Presentation skills to layout strategized plan in an organized and comprehensible way for stakeholders.

5 Pro Tips for Consultants

For optimum performance, consultants need these interpersonal and practical skills to build rapport with clients and key decision makers. POLITICO Pro is designed for policy professionals, such as consultants working in fast moving industries such as telecommunication, power technology, cybersecurity, and health care informatics, to utilize Pro’s information and resources and provide strategic guidance for their clients to stay ahead of policy. We’ll go over five tips for consultants to utilize Pro to their advantage.

1. Broaden Your Outreach

As a part of the dynamics in the business field, it is essential for consultants to build relationships with key decision makers on behalf of the client or develop effective outreach plans for their client. With POLITICO Pro’s Directories feature, consultants have the resources to contact state and federal Congressional members, committee and subcommittee members, agency members, as well as the respective staff for each group.

For example, consultants who are focused on energy technology could easily locate the contact information for staff members of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Technology to Market, who supports technology developments and commercialization efforts for energy storage and transportation programs. Reach out to key members of programs to discover how their efforts could align with your client’s goals and objectives. Utilize Pro’s Stakeholder Management, an integrated stakeholder engagement solution, for the outreach undertakings.

2. Track Relevant Legislations and Regulations
It can be overwhelming trying to weed through all of the new and updated legislations and regulations just to find the information that pertain to your field. Pro’s Legislative and Regulatory Trackers are designed in a way to filter through federal and state results based on your topics and timeline. For example, consultants looking into clean energy technology can create customized saved search with selected topics and set their preferences to receive alerts in their inbox when new actions have been taken to related bills. Or they can limit their search by committees such as the House Energy and Commerce Committee and specifically look at transcripts involving technology. Spend less time figuring out how to keep track of all the relevant bills and rules, and more time on cementing the strategy for your client’s mission.

3. Lead with Data
Using data in explanations is always encouraged, but the data is meaningless if the people absorbing the information do not understand the context. Pro Premium includes Pro Bill Analysis that communicates key factors and stakeholders involved in a bill, Pro Analysis summarizes an emerging topic, the power players and next steps, and DataPoint visualizes complex data in an impactful way. Pro Premium offers high-quality insight into the current status and issues we face, such as the bottleneck effect on the supply chain from the semiconductor shortage. Technology consultants who are looking to find information on where their clients could onshore outsourcing activities can view Pro Premium’s DataPoint, The State of Semiconductor Manufacturing in the US. Easily build a case for your client with visualized data that creates an overarching understanding on the current issue and how to move forward.

4. Interact with the Campaign Races Dashboard
Elections are important to keep track of because election outcomes could bring policy changes and widespread market implications. Pro’s Campaign Races Dashboard is an indispensable tool for consultants during midterm and presidential election years. Interact with maps that show every federal House and Senate race and highlight the most impactful ones. Easily track key races, explore race ratings, and view states with incumbent candidates. Watch races in battle ground states, pin important races for easy look up, and further analyze campaign financial data to better understand who is supporting particular candidates or issues and to what extent. Stay up to date on pivotal moments in the process of our democracy as they could impact your client’s vision.

5. Maximize Organization
Streamline your workflow and collaborate with colleagues by tracking relevant topics, bills, and rules that matter to your clients. Receive on-platform alerts for follow-up task assignments, past due items, and changes in Priority/Stance of the bills tracked in the Legislative and Regulatory Compass. Personalize your inbox intake by selecting the newsletters, roundup emails, and email alerts to meet your needs. Create customized Saved Search lists to get digest emails on new bills matching your topics.

Regardless of industry, POLITICO Pro provides a complete package for consultants to organize their work, present information, and make recommendations to clients in an easy to digest manner. Schedule a demo to see how Pro can help you work faster and smarter.

Be a Policy Pro

Plan Powerful Outreach with Stakeholder Management

Connect with the most influential stakeholders using a unified approach—one made to push policy agendas forward.

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Political consultants or lobbyists need the right tools to effectively represent the interest of their clients to state and federal policymakers.Every opportunity you take to discuss your agenda with key representatives increases the likelihood that they will understand your issues and respond more favorably. Successful lobbying takes persistence and the ability to present well-organized and credible arguments. Let’s explore some tips for effective policy advocacy and using POLITICO Pro to achieve maximum success.

Achieving Success as a Lobbyist: Skills and Tips

Lobbyists or government affairs representatives need key skills and resources to be effective:

  • In-depth knowledge of issues and policies and a deep understanding of the political and legislative process
  • Strong communication skills, including the ability to negotiate and build inter-personal relationships
  • A network of contacts in government, media, and industries
  • Solid analytical and research skills to gather and analyze data, trends, and patterns
  • Financial support for research, outreach, and grassroots organizing
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other stakeholders to share insights and amplify impact
  • A clear sense of ethics and integrity to ensure their efforts are transparent, fair, and lawful

Map out your outreach plan using POLITICO Pro’s 2023 Congressional Calendar

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Optimizing the Use of POLITICO Pro: 5 Essential Tips for Lobbying

Suppose that you work in the energy and natural resources industries, you can take advantage of POLITICO Pro’s tools to help you stay ahead of key developments and grow your network of contacts.  Here are some ways a POLITICO Pro subscription can be essential to your success:

  1. Stay informed: Gain a significant advantage with our top-notch policy reporting. With more than 300 journalists covering 22 major policy areas, we are the nation’s leading newsroom for policy news. Our energy coverage focuses on the environment, climate, distribution, infrastructure, renewable energy, oil, gas, and more. Pro exclusive stories on the energy sector include:

    Pro also helps you stay current with information on the latest energy bills and rule proposals, hearings, the politics behind legislative and regulatory developments, and other critical updates. Customize your news feed and set up alerts to receive timely notifications on specific energy-related issues that matter to you.

  2. Use data: Build persuasive arguments for lawmakers using POLITICO Pro’s exclusive data and analysis that can help you demonstrate the impact of your issue on constituents and the broader community. Gain an extra edge with Pro Premium’s in-depth analyses on issues including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s agenda, solar tariffs, and key provisions on electric vehicles in the Inflation Reduction Act. Use our DataPoint visualizations on topics like natural gas prices to simplify complex data clearly and compellingly, giving you the ability to make your case effectively.
  3. Build relationships: Tailor your outreach efforts to align with key decision-makers’ interests and needs. POLITICO Pro’s congressional, committee, state, and federal agency directories make it easier to stay current on who’s who in energy committees and their positions on important issues. Search the federal agency directory for the right connections at regulatory bodies that oversee the nation’s utility suppliers and energy infrastructures. The directories, used in conjunction with our integrated Stakeholder Management solution, allow you to efficiently send emails to key contacts, track outreach, and measure engagement effectiveness from a single platform.
  4. Collaborate with stakeholders: Collaborate with ally advocacy groups, energy industry associations, and other lobbyists specializing in the same field using POLITICO Pro’s collaboration tools to help you access information, share insights and coordinate actions. You can also download outreach records, analysis, and other insights to communicate with external partners.
  5. Stay organized: Maintain a systemic approach in executing your strategy. By storing news and analysis on renewable energy legislation, creating follow-up tasks after meeting with members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, or keeping notes on your interactions with regulators at FERC on one platform, you always have access to information you need. Plus, with POLITICO Pro’s web-based platform, you can access your data anywhere with a secure internet connection.

POLITICO Pro is an invaluable resource for consultants and lobbyists in all industries seeking to enhance their knowledge, foster relationships, and advocate on their issues more effectively. By implementing these tips, you can fully use the potential of this dynamic policy intelligence platform. Schedule a demo today to discover how POLITICO Pro can assist you in achieving policy success!

See how Pro powers a public policy advocacy professional’s day.

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The 118th Congress resulted with narrow majorities as the House Republicans claimed the lead, while Senate Democrats held on to their control. Through this gridlock, new members of Congress rise as star players as their new perspectives are turned into actionable items. 75 new lawmakers were introduced into the House, 40 of them are Republicans, and 35 are Democrats. Within the new members of the Senate, 5 are Republicans and 2 are Democrats. Together, the new Congress members bring with them more than 800 new staffers to Capitol Hill.

The new Congress is increasingly more reflective of the shifting demographic in America. The 118th Congress is the most racially and ethnically diverse congress to date. A quarter of the members identify as Black, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, or Alaska Native. The number of women in Congress is at an all-time high, and thirteen lawmakers identify as a lesbian, gay, or bisexual. The changing demographics in Congress will bring a wider range of perspective and voices to the legislative branch of the federal government.

Within this branch of government, comes the latest legislations that needs to work its way through the divided Congress. Currently, the Senate pushes for changes that will help with the China crackdown while reciprocation from the House remains uncertain. Meanwhile the national debt limit approaches and congressional members have varying perspectives on actions to take. Straightaway, new members of Congress are faced with pressing issues that require a general consensus.

Meet the New Movers and Shakers

Freshman Congress members attract the attention of policy influenced individuals, which is why it is important to understand their policy stance in order to discover the route to impactful change. POLITICO Pro subscribers have a direct line of contact with new power players of Congress followed by an organized setup of identifying, tracking, and engaging critical stakeholders. POLITICO Pro’s state of the art policy intelligence platform with features including Directories and Stakeholder Management allows you to broaden your reach and solidify your strategy for imperative policy decision making.

Commonly heard new Congress members’ names, such as Representative Monica De La Cruz or Senator John Fetterman, have taken action within the few weeks of taking office. Representative Monica De La Cruz has sponsored legislation, including Acts revolving around improving agriculture. Meanwhile, Senator John Fetterman cosponsored legislation to prohibit the gathering of certain worker data by employees.

Contact Policy Power Players

Whether your objective is to encourage legislators to support or oppose a legislation, or represent policy priorities on the behalf of your client; contacting a lawmaker, staffer, or committee is crucial to understanding a policy professional’s stance and how a productive conversation can be continued. POLITICO Pro’s Directories provide a simplified solution to search and filter contacts specific to your areas of interest including committee assignments, caucuses, leadership positions, congressional districts, and more. You can also quickly identify freshman Congress members by selecting “members” in the Result Type Box, then checking the “Freshman” box below Status.

Congressional Directory

Pro’s Congressional Directory is your source for noting representatives’ party affiliation, legislative activities, involvements with committees and caucuses, and social media activities. Filter through committees to view major and minority committee members and access staffer information associated with specific congressional members. Monitor legislative activities, such as the bills new Congress members have sponsored or cosponsored to gain a better insight into their policy stance and priorities. Take a peek at congressional members’ education, employment history, and associated organization memberships to find common parallels in their interests and background so you can draft a more personalized outreach. Pro Directories will serve as your asset to effortlessly connect with politicians, staffers, and other key contacts so you can make an impact on policy.

Pro Premium subscribers have access to additional new benefits, including Premium DataPoint Analysis. You can view Freshman Congress Members’ “Premium Bio” located to the right of the member’s name and within each member’s profile. Unlock in-depth analysis on each new Congress Member and gain a better insight on their policy perspectives.

Engage With Your Stakeholders

Now that you have built your list of contacts using Directories, you can use Stakeholder Management to take it one step further to organize and arrange methods of contact with your stakeholders. Send scheduled emails to those power players and keep track of top performing emails. Schedule meetings, record meeting satisfaction, monitor top attendees, and track meeting follow-ups. Stakeholder Management in unison with Directories serves as a powerful outreach tool that is designed for you to take advantage of reaching those critical contacts and leading efforts to make a change on policy.

Optimize Your Goals

Directories and Stakeholder Management are two of many features Pro has to offer to help you make policy moves. Utilize the entirety of Pro, including Legislative and Regulatory Trackers, to be fully equipped with unique insights and collaborative tools so your policy goals can advance. Learn more and request a free demo today!

With 35 Senate, 435 House, and 36 gubernatorial seats up for grabs, the 2022 midterms will bring change to the legislative landscape. The election results profoundly impact the country’s political climate, President Biden’s legislative agenda, and all policy areas from the economy to health care.

During the midterms, POLITICO Pro subscribers had access to policy and race tracking tools, exclusive news coverage, and in-depth analysis to help them anticipate change and plan their post-election stakeholder engagement strategy. A new Congressional session is less than two months away. It is more important than ever for government affairs and other policy professionals to have a comprehensive and customizable policy intelligence platform to stay on top of important developments, connect with decision makers, and make the most of legislation opportunities. POLITICO Pro’s post-election analysis on key policy areas and non-partisan reporting combined with our powerful policy intelligence and stakeholder management features, give you precisely what you need to maximize your reach and demonstrate your accomplishments.

Stay in the Know

Policy professionals need to anticipate change to maximize opportunities and navigate potential roadblocks. POLITICO Pro’s race tracking tool, non-partisan news, and in-depth analysis provide a complete view of the 2022 elections and advanced intel on policy changes.

Throughout the election cycle, Campaign Races Dashboard is the one place for candidate information, campaign finance data, race ratings, and election results for House and Senate contests. The dashboard features 50-state House and Senate map views that help subscribers keep an eye on all federal races, vulnerable members, swing districts, and the issues that influenced the outcomes of the midterms.

Pro Premium subscribers have the added advantage of premium midterms-specific content from primaries to post-general elections. The first post-election Pro Analysis will be available on November 11. It will take a deep dive in to economic policy in the new Congress. A Pro Analysis is a three-page snapshot that lays out what’s at stake, key players, and the next steps for an emerging issue. See the 2022 Midterms Pro Analysis Topic Agenda for a schedule of the post-election coverage. And download pre-general elections analysis on The Midterms and Economic Policy and Midterms’ Impact on Health Policy to sample Pro’s premium content.

Premium subscribers also receive DataPoint, graphic visualizations that explain complex policy topics in an easy-to-understand visual format. Each DataPoint is available in multiple formats, JPG, PDF, and PowerPoint, so it can be shared or incorporated in presentations effortlessly. From the lame-duck session to the new Congress, Pro’s graphic team will publish a series of results graphics and profiles of the new Congress members. See the 2022 Midterms DataPoint schedule for more details. Download our recent DataPoint on Departing House Members to learn more about DataPoint.

Track Policy Movements

It is predicted that it will be a busy lame-duck session for both chambers of Congress. High-priority items on the legislative to-do list include:

The government funding bill is the most pressing and is viewed as a must-pass bill. Therefore, it is often a magnet for lawmakers to tack on other priorities. And NDAA is widely expected to pass in the lame-duck session as well. NDAA is another must-pass bill and attracts unrelated legislation. FY23 NDAA has a wide range of potential amendments from sanctions on Russia to immigration and health provisions.

Pro’s Legislative Compass is a time-saving tool for policy professionals who need to stay on top of the new bills moving through federal and state level. Bill version comparison, note sharing, and priority and stance tracking features allow you to monitor legislation that matters most to your organization closely. The Appropriation Tracker within the Legislative Compass follows the 12 federal spending bills and shows changes as the House and Senate advance their legislation from the committee stage to presidential approval.

Find and Connect with Power Players

Now that you know what is at stake, you need to find the key players and reach them to advocate for your policy position. POLITICO Pro’s Stakeholder Management is an integrated solution built within the Pro platform. You can find key contacts, send emails, log interactions, export reports, evaluate engagements, and collaborate with team members seamlessly through one platform.

Stakeholder Management’s integration with Pro’s Congressional and state government directories means you will always have the most up-to-date contact information of key policymakers. You can also create targeted lists by using search filters to find contacts by Congressional committees, departments, agencies, party affiliations, freshmen status, and more.

The in-platform emailing and reporting features make executing outreach a breeze. You can create, schedule, and send emails to federal and state lawmakers and staffers with an easy-to-use email editor. And at-a-glance email performance and engagement reporting features help you measure the effectiveness of your outreach, optimize your strategy, and demonstrate return on investment (ROI). In 2023, subscribers will have more reporting and analytic tools to monitor lawmaker and influencer dialogue, analyze the nature and strength of existing relationships, and matchmake for new ones.

Discover a Clear Path to Your Policy Goals

Whether you’re a lobbyist, consultant, researcher, or analyst, POLITICO Pro can help you stay informed, strategize, and make an impact on your organization’s mission and business goals. Learn more about POLITICO Pro or request a demo today.

Engaging with your stakeholders and demonstrating the impact of your efforts are some of the most fundamental parts of your job. It also can be the most difficult. Between staying on top of staff changes, finding the right contacts, tracking your interactions, and reporting back to your team—stakeholder management feels barely manageable. Unfortunately, many of the tools available to help you manage stakeholders make the job even harder. Outdated information slows you down, and over-engineered tools require costly support just to do the basics. Most platforms stitch together various feature components creating a disjointed and cumbersome experience, rather than being designed as an integrated whole. Sound familiar? If so, you’re probably still hesitant to change, understandably wondering if the next thing is at all different than everything else you’ve tried.

Well, here at POLITICO we love to share a good scoop – and we’ve got one for you today. Next week we’re launching a unique stakeholder management solution, built right into our award-winning platform and instantly available to all clients. We diligently listened to our clients’ top pain points with their stakeholder management tools, and built a solution that is easy to use, fully integrated within our Pro platform, and powered by the cutting-edge intelligence that we’re known for.

  • Clean and simple interface: easily find your contacts, send an e-mail, log your interactions, and export reports with minimal clicks. With all the complexity you manage day-to-day, the tools you use should help you simplify.
  • Powered by POLITICO intelligence: you already know and trust POLITICO Pro for its standard-setting news and policy analysis, and the platform that brings it all to life. We’ve assembled a team of experts in product design, user experience, policy-making, and politics—all who deeply understand the policy-making ecosystem, and the role that stakeholder relationships play in it.
  • One integrated site: no more switching across multiple platforms to perform one task. POLITICO Pro offers a single site with integrated Congressional, agency, and state government directories, projects-based work organization, Pro-only news, calendars, legislative and regulatory tracking, and stakeholder management. A single, integrated site means all your activity is reliably and safely stored in one go-to place.

Our initial launch this month is just the beginning. We’re partnering with our clients to take in their feedback along the way, informing iterative enhancements and helping us scope new functionality—like a robust stakeholder identification engine using AI and network analysis, which is already in development. This client-first partnership ensures we’re building a product that truly meets your needs.

Curious about how to make stakeholder management actually manageable? Sign up for a demo to start meeting your policy advocacy goals today!

A comprehensive stakeholder engagement plan enables policy professionals to keep stakeholders informed, establish trust with decision makers, identify and address risks, coordinate the team, and measure efforts. During a fast-moving midterm elections season, you need tools and policy insights to build relationships with vital contacts—at vital times.

What is stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is the activity of maintaining good relationships with people who have the most impact on your work. Stakeholder engagement involves a systematic process for identifying stakeholders, analyzing their needs, and planning and implementing various outreach activities. When properly implemented, it keeps stakeholders “on board” and gains their buy-ins.

Stakeholders engagement in government relations

The goal of stakeholder engagement in government relations is to humanize the relationships between an organization and policymakers. Many government relations professionals work at the intersection of public policy and public affairs. You are in cross-functional roles focused on grasping and translating complex policy issues and executing multi-dimensional communication plans to support business objectives.

Reasons for having a stakeholder engagement strategy

  • Stay abreast of critical issues and stakeholder sentiments
  • Strengthen the organization’s position and optimize positive outcomes
  • Build social capital
  • Increase the organization’s credibility
  • Mitigate risks

Stakeholders in government relations include:

  • Elected and unelected federal officials
  • State and local lawmakers and regulators
  • Foreign governments
  • Media

How is stakeholder engagement different from grassroots advocacy

Both grassroots lobbying and stakeholder engagement aim to influence public policy. However, they reach their goals through two different communication strategies.

Stakeholder engagement is a form of direct advocacy. It is the attempt to influence any new or existing legislation by communicating with members of Congress, state agencies, or any government officials who may participate in the formulation of laws and rules.

On the other hand, grassroots lobbying attempts to sway public opinion and mobilize the public around legislation. Grassroots campaigns ask the general public or a segment of the public to contact their lawmakers regarding a legislative issue.

What is Pro’s Stakeholder Management

In-house government affairs professionals and lobbyists need tools to find the right lawmakers and foster relationships to champion top policy priorities during the 2022 midterm elections. Pro’s new Stakeholder Management is a suite of features that provides policy professionals the outreach, team collaboration, interaction tracking, and analytics tools they need to execute their stakeholder engagement strategies seamlessly.

What are the key Stakeholder Management functionalities

Pro’s Stakeholder Management is fully integrated with the broader Pro platform. Soon Pro subscribers not only have access to exclusive non-partisan news, real-time intelligence, in-depth analysis, bill tracking, and research tools, they also will have the ability to

  • Email from platform
    Create, schedule, and send emails right from the platform. Search for contacts in Pro’s Directories, pull contact lists from existing Project folders, or upload external lists to Pro. Monitor email performance using analytics
  • Track interactions
    Track engagement with lawmakers, legislators, and staffers by logging interactions, including meetings, emails, notes, meeting scores, and events.
  • Evaluate engagements
    Gain insight from analyzing top performing emails, top attendees, and activity charts and comparing team versus individual dashboard views.
  • Collaborate with team members
    Save time and stay coordinated by recording interactions, sharing notes, setting priorities, and assigning follow ups through one dashboard for the entire team.

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