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Breakdown of Trump's 2020 Budget Proposal

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President Trump released his 2020 budget request today, titled “A Budget for a Better America: Promises Kept. Taxpayers First".

The major priorities of this budget according to the White House are: 

  • Cut back on spending by $2.7 trillion (This is the largest cut by any administration in American history).
  • Strengthen border security (This includes $8.6B in funding for a border wall).
  • Invest in national defense
  • Address the opioid crisis
  • Provide high-quality education
  • Healthcare for veterans
  • Modernize government technology

Budget requests for fiscal 2020 by department below: 

2020 budget requests by department (in billions)

There is a decrease in spending across the majority of departments, with the Small Business Administration seeing the highest increase and the EPA and Corps of Engineers seeing the highest cuts to their budgets in fiscal 2020.

Percent change from 2019 in actuals (estimated) by department

Download these charts here.

The next step is for the CBO to submit economic and budget reports to congressional budget committees in both the House and Senate, who will then hold hearings, question administration officials and draft a budget resolution. 

To brush up on the basics of the federal budget process, download our essential guide here

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UPDATE: The charts above previously indicated that President Trump had asked for $33B in funding for the DOD, which is actually how much the budget is increasing by from FY19. Trump has proposed $718B in funding for the DOD. Charts updated to reflect accurate numbers.
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