2019 Policy Insider's Report

3 Tips For Keeping Up with State Policy

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As Congress struggles to pass federal legislation, there is increased regulatory action and more legislative movement taking place at the state level. 

Data privacy is a prime example of the many fronts that policy pros need to monitor change: The European Union has become an international standard-setter, California is taking a disruptive stance and local governments are attempting to affect changes of their own. 

With policy arising from so many locales, it’s impossible for policy professionals to stay ahead of every twist and turn, and many say surprise has become standard. 

To stay ahead of the unexpected, here are 3 tips to help you manage tracking legislation and regulation across 450 state agencies and 50 state legislatures



Some policy leaders are experimenting with shifting their corporate structure so teams are focused on issues rather than geographical regions. This allows their team members to become subject matter experts on a smaller set of key policy areas and more easily track movement as it unfolds.



There are a number of states that tend to lead the charge when it comes to new legislative action. Other legislatures and even federal legislators, sometimes take cues from these states, so being up to speed on what’s happening in leading state legislatures can help you stay ahead. 

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Rather than tracking legislation and regulation manually [by using a patchwork of publicly available resources] across multiple different sites, many teams are turning to policy tracking tools to simplify their workflow.

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Data and analysis from POLITICO Pro's 2020 Policy Insider's Report. 

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