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California Pro Q&A

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As part of a new series by POLITICO California Pro, Nadine Burke Harris, Chris Holden, and Connie Leyva sat down for exclusive interviews discussing their upcoming policy priorities and outlining what's next for some of California’s most important issues.

These exclusive interviews give an inside look into:

  • The planning of a massive new public health campaign
  • California’s progress towards its climate goals
  • The “new normal” of wildfires
  • The education budget
  • And more

Download the shareable PDF now.

Our POLITICO California Pro Q&A series also includes interviews from Assembly Health Committee Chairman Jim Wood, Education Committee Chairman Patrick O’Donnell, California EPA Secretary Jared Blumenfeld and more.

To learn more on how to access these interviews, and get in-depth coverage and analysis on California policy, visit politicopro.com/california

Q&A Series with Nadine Burke Harris, Chris Holden, & Connie Leyva


NOTE: These interviews were originally sent by POLITICO California Pro exclusively for POLITICO California Pro subscribers.

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