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What does POLITICO PRO have in common with Spotify and ESPN?

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We’re taking you behind the scenes with two of the creators of the new POLITICO Pro user experience.

What does POLITICO Pro have in common with Spotify and ESPN? At first glance, not much. But, this week we talked with two members of the POLITICO Pro team, Senior Architect Ryan Kohl and Product Designer Erica Fairbanks, who were instrumental in designing and building the new Pro experience, a brand new digital interface that just launched for Pro customers. As Ryan and Erica worked behind-the-scenes to design the new Pro, they pulled inspiration from other industry leaders.

new pro experience

Spotify's Daily Mix: Recommending the right mix of content. 

Using things like listening history and user feedback, Spotify creates Daily Mixes made up of songs Spotify believes a listener will like. Similarly, Pro’s new proprietary recommendation engine gets smarter the more you use Pro and recommends content based on your policy interests and what you’re engaging with.

Ryan Kohl, POLITICO Pro’s Senior Architect responsible for building Pro’s recommendation engine said,

Like Spotify, POLITICO recommends content based on user interests and behavior, with the goal of getting the most timely and relevant content to Pro subscribers. If a user reads a lot of content about a specific topic, our system understands they have an interest in that area, so we will surface recommended topics to follow, related articles, and show the subscriber what’s trending in that policy area. We've built this system to recommend content that our users have a demonstrated interest in while not pigeonholing them into narrow band of content.

how spotify's platform is similar to POLITICO pro's platform


ESPN's Homepage: Creating a personalized experience

One of the most important elements of the new Pro experience is greater personalization, ensuring Pro subscribers get just the intel they need and nothing they don’t. Erica Fairbanks, Product Designer for POLITICO Pro, pulled inspiration from ESPN’s homepage, which delivers a feed of content tailored to the reader and encourages active customization.

Erica said,

ESPN’s site was intriguing because their homepage feed promoted personalization, displayed data updates - like game scores, and bucketed similar content into larger topics, like the World Cup. The new Pro experience uses similar concepts from ESPN’s feed by creating a personalized experience that leverages all of our news, data, and trends to get our users the information that matters most."

Comparing ESPN's platform to POLITICO Pro's platform

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