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The coronavirus pandemic will be one of the most impactful events in a generation, transcending politics and borders, and testing the limits of politicians and governments. Policy professionals and company leaders are in the unique position of shaping the policies, programs, and regulations that will have a direct impact on how we respond to, overcome and rebuild in the wake of this pandemic. On top of this enormous responsibility, your workflow has been disrupted by canceled meetings and events and the sudden shift to remote work. 

POLITICO Pro is here to help you respond during this crisis. Here's how. 


You may be accustomed to hearing about news through your inbox or newsletters and alerts while on the go, but the newly upgraded Pro Edge platform provides you with news and an entire suite of tools designed to help you manage the deluge of information about coronavirus. 

Pro’s brand new Dashboard, launching this month, acts as your policy hub, surfacing the information you actually need to act with confidence. From news about how corporations are responding to new legislation aimed at bolstering the economy, coronavirus policies, programs and regulations are rapidly evolving and the Pro Edge platform will help you stay one step ahead. Log in or learn more at our COVID-19 HQ

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Dashboard: Coming Soon


POLITICO Pro is designed to help policy professionals thrive in times of uncertainty. With a team of reporters exclusively covering coronavirus from a policy-first perspective, we’re not just bringing you news about policy, but news that will actually inform and shape policy. We’re working around-the-clock to deliver nonpartisan, reliable intelligence about how policy leaders are responding to this unprecedented event and the implications of important policy decisions across our 22 policy areas. Log in or learn more at our COVID-19 HQ.


In confusing and uncertain times, your stakeholders look to you for information, guidance and leadership. Our suite of policy tools (Legislative Compass and Regulatory Compass, Document Drawer with transcripts, Congressional, Agency and States Directories, premium analyses and more) help you understand the full picture of major policy developments and how they impact you and your stakeholders. Log in or learn more at our COVID-19 HQ.  

Not a subscriber? Head to our COVID-19 HQ where we’re sharing top COVID-19 coverage and content from the Pro team. You can also request a two-week trial of the platform.

Already a Pro? Log in to your Pro account or reach out to your Account Manager with questions about how Pro can help you stay one step ahead.

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