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Sustainability: Letter from the Editor

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Dear readers, 

The coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the global economy virtually overnight, and we don’t yet know what the world will look like once it’s under control. But short-term upheaval does not mean businesses and governments can abandon long-term planning. If anything, it only underscores the importance of building sustainable economies. We’ve seen so-called ESG stocks outperform the rest of the market. Activists and politicians are calling for sustainability goals to be included in economic stimulus bills being written around the world. And Companies are being judged on how well they treat workers during the lockdown. 

Today, all governments and corporations must ask themselves an important question: 

Enter POLITICO Pro. POLITICO Pro is a smart, personalized policy intelligence platform that helps teams who create, influence or are impacted by policy do their jobs. With the launch of our newest policy area — sustainability — we’ll bring you to the forefront of the conversation, helping you understand how the politics and policy around sustainability impacts your (triple) bottom line. 

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, sustainability was already a legislative and regulatory reality for virtually every policy area including energy, financial services, agriculture, transportation, consumer goods and more at the federal, state, local, and global levels. We’ve seen major companies hire new Chief Sustainability Officers to respond to Wall Street’s increased emphasis on climate risks, and almost all of the world’s largest companies now report on their sustainability performance. Around the world, governments are working towards sustainability standards through the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our coverage will focus on:

  • Federal, state, local and global policies on climate change, the circular economy, ESG investing and related areas

  • The intersection of corporate and government actions and policies on sustainability

  • How policymakers, business executives, investors, and activists are shaping the future of supply chains and workforces

  • Whether corporate and government promises and innovations lead to tangible change

Our suite of policy tools — like our legislative and regulatory trackers — will then help you navigate the major policy developments and corporate innovations driving sustainability. The Pro Edge platform will be your indispensable resource to help you understand this uncharted territory and stay one step ahead.

Marty Kady
POLITICO Pro, Editor

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