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In addition to the news and tools included in every POLITICO Pro subscription, POLITICO Pro Premium delivers subscribers in-depth analyses from our team of policy and legislative experts. Our analyses help policy professionals understand today’s most critical policy issues and lead the conversation about them.

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Picture of Pro Bill Analysis for bill H.R. 748 or the
Pro Bill Analysis

Understand a bill's impact & related legislation

Get an in-depth summary of important bills related to the issues you're tracking. Get a summary of what's in the bill, background, possible outcomes, key players, expected votes, and more. Spend less time reading and synthesizing legislation, and more time understanding key points and communicating implications to stakeholders. 

Pro Analysis

Understand background, key players and what's next.

Pro Analysis gives you all the relevant context around issues imortant to you through 3-page briefs. Get up-to-speed quickly on emerging topics and understand how we got here, what's at stake, who's involved, and likely next steps. 

DataPoint visual

Break-down policy trends & dive deeper on key details.

Take a closer look at key pieces of an issue through DataPoint's short, visual explainers. Use DataPoint in your own professional presentations or communications to explain complex policy topics and trends to your stakeholders.

Example: Covid-19

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See an example of how our premium content can help you become a fast expert on policies and issues that are quickly emerging and rapidly changing.
what will the coronavirus economic damage be and what are the metro areas with the most jobs at stake | © POLITICOPro


COVID-19 Economic Damage: Metro areas with most jobs at stake.
a screenshot of the pro bill analysis for HR 748 the coronavirus relief bill

Pro Bill Analysis

H.R. 748: House poised to clear ‘phase 3’ coronavirus package.
screenshot of the politico pro analysis piece on what you need to know about disease testing

Pro Analysis

What you need to know about disease testing.
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