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Today’s media landscape can be hard to navigate. As politics becomes more polarized, it can be hard to find sources that can be trusted with unbiased news. Smart policy professionals everywhere must approach today’s news and information sources by asking two questions:

  1. Can I trust this source? And as such, can my team, my organization, and our clients trust this source?
  2. Is the intelligence I gain from this source fact-based and unbiased?

POLITICO Pro’s newsroom is staffed by the most well-connected and respected reporters in Washington, across the nation, and beyond. Pro’s teams of policy-specific journalists keep opinions out of their stories to ensure readers have fact-based, nonpartisan information.

Being the first to break news or offering a sophisticated online experience is simply not enough. Modern media companies know that they must offer objective information reported with accuracy and integrity to maintain credibility with readers and customers. At POLITICO Pro, this commitment to objective and accurate reporting is at the root of every story that comes from our newsroom.

Background on POLITICO and POLITICO Pro

POLITICO was founded on a commitment to reporting the facts. In 2006, a handful of Washington reporters broke away from their legacy media organizations to build the next great political media company. Not only would POLITICO be the first and best at breaking the most important news on politics and policy in power centers across every continent, POLITICO’s reporting would become the epitome of reliable information and nonpartisan journalism with real-time tools to create, inform, and engage influencers across the political spectrum.

POLITICO Pro, a subscription policy intelligence platform, launched in 2011 with journalism around three policy areas: healthcare, technology, and energy. In the years after, we have expanded policy areas and added features such as Legislative Compass and Regulatory Compass, to track federal and state bills and regulations. In 2022, we introduced Stakeholder Management, a cutting-edge intelligence solution that provides professionals the tools to connect with the right people, grow their relationships, and stay a step ahead on policy priorities. Today we have deep coverage of 22 policy areas, over 300 expert field reporters, more than 500 articles released every day coupled with a library of over 3,000 data visualizations.

In the beginning of 2020, we launched AgencyIQ, a regulatory intelligence division of POLITICO that acts as an extension of your regulatory team. AgencyIQ‘s focused industry verticals – life science and chemical – provide real-time data and searching, tracking, and the ability to share regulatory information on one platform. Not long after, we acquired E&E News, an energy and environmental news subscription service that helps readers influence policy, anticipate change and make business decisions.

In 2021, our company was acquired by Axel Springer. We continue to maintain our commitment to unbiased journalism and reporting. POLITICO is dedicated to the promise that all coverage will be non-partisan and accurate.

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