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Engaging with your stakeholders and demonstrating the impact of your efforts are some of the most fundamental parts of your job. It also can be the most difficult. Between staying on top of staff changes, finding the right contacts, tracking your interactions, and reporting back to your team—stakeholder management feels barely manageable. Unfortunately, many of the tools available to help you manage stakeholders make the job even harder. Outdated information slows you down, and over-engineered tools require costly support just to do the basics. Most platforms stitch together various feature components creating a disjointed and cumbersome experience, rather than being designed as an integrated whole. Sound familiar? If so, you’re probably still hesitant to change, understandably wondering if the next thing is at all different than everything else you’ve tried.

Well, here at POLITICO we love to share a good scoop – and we’ve got one for you today. Next week we’re launching a unique stakeholder management solution, built right into our award-winning platform and instantly available to all clients. We diligently listened to our clients’ top pain points with their stakeholder management tools, and built a solution that is easy to use, fully integrated within our Pro platform, and powered by the cutting-edge intelligence that we’re known for.

  • Clean and simple interface: easily find your contacts, send an e-mail, log your interactions, and export reports with minimal clicks. With all the complexity you manage day-to-day, the tools you use should help you simplify.
  • Powered by POLITICO intelligence: you already know and trust POLITICO Pro for its standard-setting news and policy analysis, and the platform that brings it all to life. We’ve assembled a team of experts in product design, user experience, policy-making, and politics—all who deeply understand the policy-making ecosystem, and the role that stakeholder relationships play in it.
  • One integrated site: no more switching across multiple platforms to perform one task. POLITICO Pro offers a single site with integrated Congressional, agency, and state government directories, projects-based work organization, Pro-only news, calendars, legislative and regulatory tracking, and stakeholder management. A single, integrated site means all your activity is reliably and safely stored in one go-to place.

Our initial launch this month is just the beginning. We’re partnering with our clients to take in their feedback along the way, informing iterative enhancements and helping us scope new functionality—like a robust stakeholder identification engine using AI and network analysis, which is already in development. This client-first partnership ensures we’re building a product that truly meets your needs.

Curious about how to make stakeholder management actually manageable? Sign up for a demo to start meeting your policy advocacy goals today!