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At a time when politics and policy news have a ubiquitous presence, many government relations professionals struggle to maintain a steady source of pertinent news with actionable insights. A reliable, comprehensive policy management platform could give you the edge for policy success. However, certain criteria for information, tools and resources determine the usefulness of a policy management platform for busy policy professionals.

Things to watch out for when evaluating policy management platforms:

  • Poor information flow – Too much information all at once could make comprehending and organizing data and facts difficult.
  • Cumbersome User Interface – Don’t work for the platform, let the platform work for you.
  • Shallow Coverage – Don’t scrape the surface with information when you could have in-depth coverage.

The benefits of an all-inclusive policy management platform

We’ll explain the benefits of moving to a policy management platform that is designed for public policy work that comes with high-quality policy coverage, legislative analysis and actionable insights. Utilize a policy management platform that does the hard work for you, so you can push your policy goals forward.

A centralized place for your policy intelligence

A streamlined user experience is crucial for a platform that presents information for on-the-go policy professionals. A user-friendly platform with powerful features lets you access essential information and gain valuable insights for crafting effective policy strategies. Track Congressional session status, access hearing transcripts, see what was said during a floor debate, find analysis on emerging topics, and download data visualizations that provide an accessible way to understand complex data through one platform for a seamless information gathering and sharing experience.

Customize your information flow so you will get the right information at the right time. A well-designed platform has a well-designed taxonomy to allow you to find relevant information easily using keywords. You should also able to personalize your content feed based on policy areas, legislative and regulatory movements, or other criteria. Some platforms give you the choice on how you like to receive your information whether it is via email, on-platform alerts or a combination of both. Also consider a web-based policy intelligence platform which allows you to retrieve data and share information with your team anywhere on any device with internet connection.

Save your time and resources

Information is power. Having accurate, non-partisan reporting from expert field reporters in policy areas such as, health care, energy, technology, and state legislature including California, New York and more allows for a greater breadth of view into the future of legislation and regulations across the nation.

A customizable policy management system should permit users to save searches, set keyword alerts, choose the exact type of information they want, and the format the information comes in. The capability to include integrated tools to manage projects, engage stakeholders, collaborate efficiently and keep tabs on any changes or updates that may happen over the course of time helps build practicality for using the platform and its features. In the event that you need to download or upload your own data in or out of the platform, a flexible system would allow you to do it with ease.

Dive deep into policy implications

Depth and breadth of coverage are the main considerations when selecting a policy management platform. A well-designed platform needs to be fueled by dedicated field reporters that deliver original reporting and a deep dive into the analysis of today’s pressing topics. Reporting that simply informs you on the current news does not help with your efforts to stay ahead of policy movements.

Seek a policy platform that relies on experts that can provide you elite access of powerful, exclusive analytics and visual insights to help you process new information quickly and make impactful decisions. Share points of data with colleagues, supporters, and policy influencers to support your policy positions. Organize it all on an intuitive platform that allows you to quickly capture your immediate needs. Policy platforms with expert reporters that equip you with greater insights create a higher quality user experience, which allows you to sharpen your policy strategy.

Ultimately, policy professionals need a platform that offers information in a rich, concise and structured format. Use your time and resources on dynamics that are most important to you, while having access to in-depth information and data that crafts your policy decisions. Consider POLITICO Pro as your one-stop-shop for exclusive policy news, insights, and smart tools for you to be the leader in your policy arena.

What to Expect with POLITICO Pro

POLITICO Pro is designed to help policy professionals stay informed and ahead of policy moves.

  • Digestible information that you can customize to receive email alerts on specific topics, key words and people, organizations and Pro reporters
  • A suite of trackers that automatically tracks bills, rules and public commentary from congressional members
  • Our more than 300 expert reporters covering 22 policy areas
  • Over 500 articles are published every day and a library of more than 3,000 data visualizations to support the context
  • A fully integrated, web-based application that allows you to conduct policy work anywhere

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