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We at POLITICO Pro always strive to bring policy and government relations professionals new, innovative tools to help you impact policy outcomes, find key allies and understand how policy changes affect you. Just one of these new features is our new Dialogue Tracker. Designed to aid in seamlessly tracking public conversations, Pro’s Dialogue Tracker is a crucial tool for any policy professional and is a part of a holistic issues management solution when combined with Pro’s other regulation and legislation monitoring capabilities.

Here’s a quick look at how it works and how leveraging it can help your team stay ahead of the policy curve.

Seamlessly track dialogue from the power players

The Dialogue Tracker tool is a new tracking feature for Pro that enables public conversation tracking.

Now subscribers can follow exactly what public officials are saying publicly about bills and rules on the floor of congress via congressional transcripts and member press releases, searching by keyword, as well as filtering them by member, state, committee and date for accuracy and easy access. From statements on critical policy debates to the latest congressional transcripts from key committee hearings, government relations professionals can quickly discover power players’ commentary and frequency on key policy proposals – all in one simple and time-saving platform.

This conversation monitoring feature lets policy professionals immediately know the position of elected officials and keep up with what policy makers are saying about critical bills and regulations through daily email alerting. In turn, this enables you to minimize risks, capitalize on opportunities, locate political allies and successfully navigate the increasingly complex policy landscape.

A holistic Policy management solution

Combined with the existing Legislative Compass and Regulatory Compass features, the policy monitoring features of the Dialogue Tracker creates a holistic issues management solution in a single location.

Using these tools, Pro subscribers can seamlessly uncover the policy data and trends that impact them. Policy professionals can track key bill and rule developments at both the federal and state level and research historical data to get the information they need quickly with the bill and rule tracking features, while the new Dialogue Tracker allows for fast and accurate conversation tracking, letting you know exactly what public officials are saying on the key issues.

Taken together, this suite of trackers, making it easy for government relations professionals to extract the data you need quickly and accurately, whether it’s a committee transcript, latest version of a key bill, proposed regulation or anything else in between. In addition, subscribers can also create alerts based on policy changes, share notes, customize dashboard views, set priorities and research supporting documents, making it simple for your team to collaborate and track fast-changing policy developments in real time.

Stay ahead of the policy curve

Pro’s Dialogue Tracker, combined with the Legislative Compass and Regulatory Compass features, offers policy professionals a comprehensive suite of policy monitoring tools at your disposal for planning, strategizing, messaging and more. When leveraged in unison, these trackers form a complete policy management solution all in one place, meaning Pro is your one-stop shop for public conversation tracking, legislation and regulatory monitoring and ultimately understanding everything related to public policy at the state and federal level.

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